Yes we can innovate together !

Coromblue devises innovative,
environmentally-friendly initiatives
that can inscribe your activity into a virtuous cycle of development.

Valorisation d'espaces

Space Enhancement

Enhancing the Green Spaces within
Your Company Grounds
Coromblue offers landscaping design solutions
that highlight your brand identity.

Some examples:
• Floral logo designs
• Meadow planting with melliferous or medicinal plants
• Setting up bee hives
• Installing insect hotels, etc.


Event Organization

Would you like to bring a dimension
of sustainability to your event ?
Coromblue designs activities promoting solutions
for the transition to a green economy
by involving economic, social and cultural stakeholders.

Some examples:
• Installation of vegetated modules
• Promotion hydrogen-fueled bikes
• Distribution of melliferous plant seeds for sowing, etc.