Summit Meetings

Summit meeting: 500 children from Basque Country schools located at the foot of the iconic Rhune Mountain met at its summit to plant honey flowers. Some schools did not have the budget to travel by bus to the train station for the summit, so they went on foot. The Little Train of the Rhune took the children to the top free of charge. Two lectures on bees and their threats were presented to the children, as two train rides were necessary to bring them all. After a snack, the children would plant flowers in flower boxes, using recycled shovels. The children decorated the flower boxes, which would subsequently be distributed to town halls wishing to see their flowers bloom in the summer at the entrance of their offices. During the climb to the summit, the children were taught about the risks and dangers in the mountains as well as the importance of protecting the environment. A mountain search and rescue officer accompanied by his dog had to bring the honey flower seeds by means of helicopter hoisting. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to bad weather conditions.